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    Located in Forest-Brussels, the Studio 53 is the perfect place to free your creativity...
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53 rue des Carburants, 1190 ForestArt l Design l Fashion l ...

Set your creative office in a large & bright space to create your own life's work. Share common dynamics with other creators & self-starters.

Perfect place to organize an event, set up a workshop, create your next marketing campaign, exhibit your artwork, make a photoshoot, produce a videoclip,...

Call us today, meet our dynamic team & discover a unique place in Brussels.

WILD KIDZ PARTY presents NOIR DESIR ÉDITION. We like, sorry we love!! Made at Studio 53 #PhotoRoom #NewConceptinTown

#PhotoRoom #NewConceptinTown


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    Studio 53 is now home for artists & entrepreneurs, sharing proactive life, experiences & network.
    You consider to implement all those ideas going through your head, but you lack of space?
    Your brand is looking for a unique art-industrial space to shoot the new collection?
    You are thinking about organizing an event to offer a special experience to your customers?

    You want to start a workshop, make a rehearsal, or teach your passion to others?

    Join us & start today!
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It is gradually that the concept has blossomed in the minds of a couple of young entrepreneurs, Sarah Josis and Martin Ravets.

Excited to help artists and entrepreneurs starting their careers by giving them a conducive work of creativity while remaining accessible, they decided in 2013 to launch the Studio 53. Since then, this unique place in Brussels has been an artistic & entrepreneur incubator, & a space dedicated to ideas & creativity...


Studio 53


Work, create, write, share, discuss, filming, photographing, discuss, joke, innovate, draw, sketched, cut, stick, imagine,...

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