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    Rent Our Exceptional Art-Industrial Spaces!

    Choose between a room enlightened by 85 windows, a dancefloor space of 120m², a photoroom perfect for packshot, a unique bar/kitchen created by Belgian artists...
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Private Event

Private Event @Studio53

Invite your guest in a unique location and enjoy specials moments with them.


Business Event

Business Event @Studio53

We offer a lot of possibilities to organize your event by customizing it accordingly to your inspiration.


Advertising, Casting & Cinema

Advertising, Casting & Cinema @Studio53

An art-industrial space with 182 windows & all the facilities you need for your team.


Fashion Show

Fashion Show @Studio53

Let us help you to create the mood you wish to present your next collection.


Dance, Music & Yoga

Dance, Music & Yoga @Studio53

There are already many professionals & teachers sharing our multi-room for their activities. The wooden floor, the relax area & the bar/kitchen made it a really conveniant and relaxing space for those purposes.


Dream Party

Private Party @Studio53

Many guests have enjoyed a wonderful party/night organized by Studio 53. We are very selective, so if you have a great project, call us today & we'll discuss it.

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